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Gta 3 PC Download Full Version

Gta 3

Game Description

Gta 3 Is A 3D And Third Person Shooter Game . IT Is Develope By Rockstar Game .
It Is Third Game in Gta Game Series . In This game More Mission Is added  

Screen Shots 
Gta 3

Gta 3

Gta 3

System Requirment

Intel Pentium III 700 Mhz Or AMD Athlon Processor
128Mb Ram
32MB Video Card

Gta 3 PC Download Full Version Free 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Tekken 3 PC Download Full Version

Tekken Pc

Game Description 

Tekken 3 Is a Figiting Game. It Was Relesed on Arcades in March 1997 . It is most Popular Game in Tekken Series . It is 3rd Game In Tekken Series. In This Game New Character Is Added .

New Character

Jin Kazam

Ling Xioyu


King II

Eddy Godo

Foret Law

Kuma II


Julia Chag

Bryan Fury

Gun Jack



True Ogre

Tiger Jackson

Offical Trailor Of Tekken 3

System Requirment Of Tekken 3 Pc

Processor         Pentium 3 Or 1Ghz
Ram                            128 Mb
Video Card                        32MB 

Download Instruction

No Need To Install. Just Download This Game And Extract In folder Using Winrar Softwares. And Play And Enjoy

Download Tekken 3 Media Fire Link


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